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Outreach Initiatives

We want to share with you the many ways we are looking to impact the community in Nairobi Kenya through these Outreach Initiatives. We pray that you will see the work we are doing and become a "Hand of #LSOM and donate your Time, Talents and Resources to assist us in achieving our goals.

#LSOM Kenya Building Project

Community Development Initiative

Project Details

Living Sacrifice Outreach Ministries Worldwide, in conjunction with The Storehouse of Living Sacrifice Outreach Ministries Kenya, are looking to build a Small community of Homes for misplaced families in Nairobi, Kenya, to counteract government reclamation of unused or minimally utilized property. As well as provide relief for families who are also displaced due to financial hardship and limited opportunities to find affordable housing or purchase homes.

There is a community of citizens that our organization has been serving through Outreach initiatives such as food provision, counseling services, and water distribution that resides in shanti residences made from sheet metal and other salvaged materials that are unfit for habitation. This initiative is being established to build and provide Residences for up to eight needy families who have received services and support from The Storehouse of Living Sacrifice Outreach Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya. The criteria for selected families will prioritize those with small children or expecting mothers and the elderly to ensure suitable living conditions and opportunities for a better quality of life.


Living Sacrifice Outreach Ministries' (parent organization) founders and select partners, , will coordinate with our Affiliate leaders of the Nairobi Kenyan branch of the organization to purchase a parcel of land previously scouted by the local leadership ( Dr. Shaaban and Carolyn Brima) and work hand in hand to commission contractors, acquire all necessary materials and Travel to Nairobi Kenya to oversee and participate in the execution and building of the homes.

We are excited about the opportunity to build and develop adequate housing for displaced families and continue to assist with establishing safe and suitable housing for communities in Nairobi Kenya.

Donation Deadline

Tuesday, December 31, 2024

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