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The Storehouse of

Living Sacrifice Outreach Ministries - Kenya

Disciples of Christ...
Servant Leaders of Mankind

In 2019, Dr. Tymon and Dr. Theodisia Moore received a word from Apostle Carlos Crespo that God was sending them to Africa on a powerful ministry mission for that region.  After the progression of time, and with much prayer and strategic insight, the will and process of that assignment became clear.  Dr. Tymon and Dr. Theodisia Moore were divinely connected to Dr. Shaaban and Pastor Carolyn Brima, two anointed “bullets” in the Spirit, who read and discerned the vision of #LSOM and took off running. 

The Storehouse of Living Sacrifice Outreach Ministries was officially born on July 28, 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya on the beautiful continent of Africa.  Being seasoned in the faith, not just in service but by the Word of God, Dr. Shaaban and Pastor Carolyn humbly submitted to the process God outlined to become the Pastor-elects of this ministry. 


A few of the most notable ministries that we serve God’s people through are “Wisdom Hour,” a LIVE-streamed weekly Bible study that seeks to build lives on the wisdom of God while teaching others how to search the depths of scripture to understand what God is saying about them.  Through donations from the Hands of #LSOM, the “M.A.N.N.A Food Ministry” distributes meal provisions to community members in need.  Knowing that the future of the Church at large is within the youth of today, “#LSOM Junior Chapel” teaches and trains children beyond memory verses by equipping them with the spiritual tools to become future leaders within the Body of Christ.  “I Know Who I Am” is a women’s ministry dedicated to helping them understand their identity in Christ, combating the crisis of low self-esteem and perceived diminished value within the women of Kenya.  In harmony with the USA headquarters, “The Brothers of Adullam” men’s ministry mentors, educates and empowers men on who they are in God’s Kingdom, so they can heal and reclaim their God-ordained positions in their families which positively affects the community.  With a core mission of bringing back the hearts of men to the throne of worship, the “Tehilla Prophetic Encounter” is a service that leads open hearts to soak in the presence of God through music, pure worship, and exhortation. 


We are disciples of Christ and servant-leaders of mankind.  Through acts of benevolence, community support, education, and the word of God we can make an exponential impact in the lives of the people of Kenya.  We reflect the vision of #LSOM Worldwide while emphasizing our mandate to drive people to the heart of God.  As He supplies the resources, we are able to do our part by helping to meet the daily needs of Kenyans, while introducing them to the freedom and salvation of Jesus Christ.  We are committed to introducing the lost to Christ, empowering the remnant of God’s people, igniting the spirit of revival in the souls of man, and raising up our country one community at a time. We Are #LSOM.

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