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Hate Hurts

I saw something once that said, "Hate comes from a place of hurt." This is so true. The source of "hate" in our world comes from the enemy. Do you realize he is hurt? From the time he fell from the glorious presence of God, he has existed to watch "man" (you and me) be created, loved and nurtured. He has watched us fall, disobey and run from God; however, God's gift of life and forgiveness through Christ allows us to be restored after repentance.

I don't illuminate this point to invoke pity or concern for the enemy at all. However, meditate on this: The next time you push God away, ignore Him or procrastinate about something He's instructing you to do for your good and His glory, remember that there is an angry, depressed and bitter devil WISHING he could take your place. Because he can't, he will settle for doing anything and everything he can to make you as miserable as he is.

~LOVE YOU! #MotivationalMoments #ConquerorsRoad #LSOM

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