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The Lord Will Provide

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

As you find yourself being challenged by God to sacrifice something in your life, realize that the struggle of your challenge is designed to reveal something TO you, ABOUT you. God doesn't need what He is asking of you, on the contrary, He wants to stretch you beyond where you are. After God told Abraham to sacrifice his miracle child, Isaac, Abraham tells his son, "God will provide for Himself" the sacrifice. God knows what you need to accomplish what He instructs you to do, the question is, "What will you do with what He provides?"

The miracle of God's provision was shown to Abraham when he was willing to be obedient; willing to sacrifice what he loved most. This "faith challenge" revealed to Abraham that he not only trusted God but that he understood the essence of the promises of God: they are, "Yea/Yes...and Amen." Whatever God promised, He will perform. So, if your sacrifice seems too difficult, if it doesn't make any sense, if it appears to be designed to kill what God gave you to obedient anyway. Let this "faith challenge" stretch you, let it push you; allow it to bend you. Remember: an object in a sling shot is most powerful when it is pulled back beyond its resting point. When it is released, it produces a great impact. What you think is pulling you back is just increasing your power to soar forward! Be blessed & be encouraged.

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